Hey sweetz! Here are my favorite things of the week!

This cute little heart-shaped vase with tiny flowers in it. 

Favorieten kimsje blog 1

YUZU CHOCOLATE. It’s the best chocolate in Ghent. Look how pretty these chocolates are? (Confession: I kind of already ate half of the box, especially the prettiest ones.) I’ll make another blogpost about YUZU, because he deserves to be in the spotlight. 

Favorieten kimsje blog - YUZU chocolade Gent Favorieten kimsje blog - YUZU Chocolade Gent 1

This MAC Lipstick: Color Russian Red. You know I’m not really a beauty blogger. That’s the reason why this is my first MAC lipstick, ever. I am so in love with it. The color is just perfect and the matt-ness is incredible. Rock this lipstick with perfect skin and a fine line of eyeliner. 
Favorieten kimsje blog - MAC Russian Red lipstick

Besides the first MAC Lipstick, these are also my first MAC Brushes. I can’t believe how incredible these brushes are. It’s a basic eyeshadow brush (MAC 239) and a blending brush (MAC 217). I think I’m going to throw out all my old brushes now. I also realized: becoming a beauty blogger is an expensive hobby! Favorieten kimsje blog - MAC kwasten

One of the things I enjoy most is taking a hot bath (very very hot) with these amazing smelling bath melts from LUSH. These are not bath bombs, because they don’t sizzle in the water. Instead, they still smell amazing and make lots of foam! RELAX! The orange one is Mr. Brightsky. The one next to it is Cocoa Bubbleroon. 
Favorieten kimsje blog - LUSH Bath melts

When we were in Luxembourg last weekend (read more here) I forgot to bring any lipstick! When on anniversary weekend, always bring lipstick! Especially when we went out for dinner and a party after. I bought this plum lipgloss/lipcolor at the HEMA in Luxembourg. I know it’s almost spring, but I still love the dark pink-purple’ish. 
Favorieten kimsje blog - HEMA lipgloss

What is your favorite of the week?

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Ik wil ook een bad!

(volgens mij heb ik dit op zowat elk badgerelateerde blogpost achtergelaten, MAAR HET IS GEWOON ZO #lifegoals)

Lush = awesome. Al is zo’n bruisbal wel duur, dus misschien is het maar goed ook, dat ik geen bad heb, haha (en er geen Lush in de buurt is).


Oh those chocolates…. ugh! <3 And yeah, I agree, those two MAC brushes are two of MAC's best!


Oh Lush <3


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